Zindagi Tumse

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Zindagi tumse is a women oriented film based on social issue, which is a major concern for Indian families. The purpose of the film is to create awareness among public regarding hidden illness of society such as parents in old age home after sacrifices their entire life for their children. Sadhna Singh from super hit film (Nadiya ke paar) making come back with this most needed subject and playing a significant role of a mother and highlights the straggle, sacrifices and then problems faced by parents after a certain age. Also featuring veteran actornfrom 90s era Guddi Maruti & Rajesh Puri in supporting role. Zindagi tumse is an emotional, musical and inspirational film directed by Tariq Bhat. The film, which shows the story of a mother who courageously fights with the circumstances for her children after her husband passes away. But once the children got eligible to earn they throw her in old age home instead of taking care and makes her life miserable. Film deals with story of every ...

Release Date : 25th October 2019 (India)
Director : Tariq Bhat

Cast: Sadhana Singh, Guddi Maruti, Rajesh Puri, Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar, Shreechand Makhija

Distribution : Sona Enterprises

Genre : Family
Languages: Hindi