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Yugo and Lala to Screen in Cannes Tomorrow

Yugo and Lala is a CGI animation movie which is to screen at Cannes on the 16th of May, this year.  The movie revolves around a village girl named Yugo, who meets a Half–lion and Half-Tiger named Lala. In their encounter, they get swallowed by a giant cloud whale who takes them in a long distance. In their journey she is accompanied by other animals and reaches the magic kingdom, were human beings are forbidden to enter and will be transformed into animals in 3 days.

As Yugo finds that her friends are being transformed to animals, she seeks help from Uncle Bear to escape from the plot.  ‘Yugo and Lala’ has numerous fun factors in the movie which is enjoyable for audience of all age group.

The movie has created buzz and has made in 50 forms of merchandise licensed by the production company, including books, stationary, clothing, stuffed toys and various lifestyle products.

The movie is produced by Yuan Mei and is directed by Wang Yunfei , were the movie expected to release by August 2012 in China.