'I love Coconut Oil', says Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, the renowned English Singer and actress has gone crazy about Coconut Oil, and she claims, “Coconut oil is literally a gift from Gods”. The actress is literally in love with Coconut Oil, and she even wrote the benefits of coconut oil in her blog. The purple haired lady shared some top tips to make the maximum out of the product, and she provided some methods in which it can be used as a cheekbone highlighter and makeup remover. She even described the vitality of coconut oil in your weight loss journey.

Ladies, here's an amazing trick. Use the oil to highlight your cheekbones over your make-up. Less is more. A little of it goes a long way! At the end of your day, use the oil to also remove the excess make-up”, posted Kelly.

“This is an all-in-one gift from the gods. Have you been looking to burn more fat? This curbs your appetite to give you more energy. It doesn't stop there. Cook with the damn thing at a high temperature as a healthy alternative to using vegetable or canola oil. Try it. Love it. Thank me Later”, added the star.