Kevin Reeves may star in 'The Whole Truth'

Renowned actor Kevin Reeves may star in 'The Whole Truth' directed by Courtney Hunt. As per reports, steady talks are going on in this regard, and the initial developments are highly positive in nature. Daniel Craig was earlier finalized to do this role, but the James Bond actor abruptly dropped out of the project in April just days before production was slated to start in Boston.

The crew of the movie were waiting for two months to find an alternative for Craig, and now they have fixed Reeves to do this pivotal role in this court room drama.

The script of the movie is penned by Nicholas Kazan. Apart from Reeves, the movie will also star Renee Zellweger, Gugu Mbatha Raw and Gabrielle Basso in lead roles. The crew has now shifted the shooting location of the movie from Boston to New Orleans, and if everything goes well, the project will have its restart in no time.