Lindsay Lohan in love again?

Lindsay Lohan, who have previously dated stars including Wilmer Valderrama, DJ Samantha Ronson and Aaron Carter is said to have found a new pair for dating, and this news has been substantiated by various photographs which are sailing all across the internet. The mesmerizing lady is now enjoying a new romance, and the male lead in this new development is still unknown!

Lindsay visited Italy to attend Ischia Film Festival, and after receiving the award, she spent time with an unknown man. They were seen blending each other, and the kissing photographs of the duo have confirmed the intimacy prevailing between them. Many rumors about the unknown man is spreading, but till now, there are no credible details revealed about this person. 

Lindsay's last outing in the theater was with 'The Canyons'. The movie was panned by the critics, but still it managed to make some profits in the theaters.