Is Shakira pregnant?

Shakira, the renowned Colombian singer and dancer is reportedly pregnant with her second child, and the news is almost confirmed from a very reliable source. The singer already have a 19 month old kid with her soccer player partner Gerard PiquÂ, and this news has spread a wave of happiness in their family. 

Shakira's friend Carlos Vives has confirmed the news of her pregnancy, but the singer haven't made any statement about this news. ''If it weren't because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already. I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard--my own soccer team'', said Shakira earlier this year, and this statement clearly shows her love towards kids. 

Shakira is now an unquestionable name in the entertainment industry, and she has millions of fan following from all nooks of the earth. In July 2014, Shakira performed 'La La Brazil' in the closing ceremony of Fifa World Cup 2014, and it marked her third consecutive appearance in the football fiesta.