I love to be a working mother: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, one of the hottest stars in the Global Film Industry is also the mother of two kids. The 33 year old actress is blessed with six year old Honor and two year old Haven. The actress is leading her life in a parallel manner, and she is found to be successful in both her personal and professional lives. 

Jessica love to do movies even in her busy personal life, and she thus want to showcase her children theway to manage life in a proper manner. “I think it's different for everyone. Some mums really don't want to work and that's fine. For me, I wouldn't know what that is like because that's a part of who I am. I have aspirations. I want to be with my kids so they can see that in their life they can be anything they want and they can do their own thing and pay their own way”, said the charming actress. 

She also opened up about the independence you will gain by working of your own. Jessica is also not against the freedom of her kids, and she want them to lead their life in the way they wish, reports contactmusic.com.