I want at least two kids: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the hottest reality show star expressed her interest to have one more child with her husband. She and her husband Kanye West have a daughter named 'North', and they wish to have at least one more kid in the nearby future. 

“I just went to San Diego to give my pregnant sister a break. I took care of my niece, nephew and my daughter. To bathe all three, feed them, get them in pajamas and down for bed I was literally like crying. It was so hard. Three kids. I don't know how my mom did it with six. So it was really, really hard so I'll go for two, but then again I have so many siblings and I love it. They're my best friends. I would want that for my kids. So I'm going to do two and see how it is”, said Kim

On the other hand, Kim who is trying hard to find success in acting career has won 'The Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Supporting Actress' for her performance in 'Temptation: Confessions of a marriage councellor'.