Elizbeth Hurley is single again

Elizabeth Hurley, the renowned actress and model is always known for her seductive looks, and this feature had gained her unending numbers of followers and fans in her life. The charisma of the actress has fetched her some top boyfriends which includes, cricketing legend, Shane Warne. The actress who split with Warne in 2013 was reportedly dating a businessman, David Yarrow. The recent news is that she has parted ways with the businessman, and is single again. 

The news has been confirmed by Elizabeth, and she tweeted like this, “I've been happily single since June; I am not dating any of my exes. You heard it from the horse's mouth, loyal followers”. 

Elizabeth Hurley was in a relationship with Hugh Grant from 1987-2000. She then married, Arun Nair in 2007, and continued the relation till 2011. In the meantime, she developed a relationship with Shane Warne, and the couples parted ways in 2013.