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Childhood love letters of Katy Perry to be auctioned

Katy Perry, the renowned singer cum actress have written a number of love letters during her childhood, and these letters which are of 19 years old are now up for auction. The letters are expected to bring about a revenue of $ 800, and it will be sold by Julien’s auction next month. 

All these letters were written to a guy called, Christopher. One of the letter begins in a very beautiful note, “Dear Christopher, I got your address from a special person, your mom! I didn't know it, but your mom was sitting right in front of me on the couch and I said I liked you and I didn't know that it was your mum! I was so embarrassed your mom told me to write you and I did”. 

Many people do not have any idea about the Christopher who was Katy’s love interest during her childhood. 


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