Bill Cosby Sued for molesting 15 year old girl

Bill Cosby, the comedy legend in the International Film Fraternity is now going through the toughest patches in his career. More and more woman are complaining about the actor regarding his womanizing character,  and most of them claims that Bill Cosby have sexually assaulted them in some point of their lives. The recent complaint which came in this regard is from a 55 year old woman who claimed that Cosby molested her when she was 15 year old. 

As per the lady, the incident happened in 1974. The woman is identified as Judy Huth, and she claims that Bill Cosby performed non compromising sexual acts with her without consent. Bill and Judy first met in a park, and soon Bill invited her to a Tennis Club. 

Cosby served alcohol to Judy from the Tennis club, and when she reached the peak of high, Cosby compelled her to do sexual acts. As per Judy, she was emotionally traumatized  after the incident, and this is the main reason behind the lodging of complaint after a long 39 years.