Jennifer Lawrence dating Gabe Polsky?

Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly dating filmmaker Gabe Polsky. The news is almost confirmed, and it is now the hottest talking topic in the online world. The 24 year old actress have been spotted at Gabe Polsky's house, and both of them were reportedly enjoyed having a pizza together in the evening. 

After her break up with Chris Martin, many people claimed that Jennifer is dating with her Hunger games co star Liam Hemsworth. But the relation didn't took off and it remained only in the gossip section of online portals. 

During the visit, Jennifer was seen wearing a grey hoodie and leggings, along with trainers, a black tank top and a white beanie. 

As per reports, Jennifer spent more than five hours in the house of Polsky. “They definitely weren’t in there reading scripts. They were having a good time”, reported New York daily news.