Emma Stone says Adios to Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone, the cute American actress has reportedly called off her relationship with Andrew Garfield. Earlier, it was reported that the stars are taking a break from their relationship, but now, it has been confirmed that it is not a break, but the end of their relationship. 

As per reports, the break up between the stars happened due to the over commitment shown by Andrew Garfield in a Martin Scorsese project. The actor has reportedly spent more than a month in a dark place to get into this role, and this attitude has irritated Emma Stonge a lot. This new movie is titled, 'Silence', and it stars Universal Action Icon, Liam Neeson and Adam Driver in other prominent roles. 

Some other reports close to the couple states that Emma Stone walked away from the relationship as Andrew cheated her. As per an inside source, Andrew confessed about a one night stand which he encountered in the recent past, and this statement created negative impacts in the minds of Emma Stone. She moved out of the home they shared together, and finished all the commitments in their romantic life.