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Dr. George John From Champions' Doctor to the Movie Man

Dr. George John, the world renowned Sports Surgeon based in Dubai, has been associated with world famous sports celebrities like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Ben Gollings. He served as the football doctor for Manchester United and was Consultant and Tournament Doctor for numerous ATP/WTA events and the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Dr. John has also been the consultant for almost all major sporting events held in the UAE including the Dubai Tennis Championships and the Rugby Sevens World Cup, to name a few. He is also a consultant and doctor for 18 sports clubs in the country and the UAE national rugby team. Dr. John's reputation as a sports and rehabilitation professional has made him the preferred consultant for top tennis players who visit Dubai. Afghanistan cricket team, who recently qualified for the very first time to World Cup, was also benefited from Dr. George John's service.

Champions' Doctor

Being an athlete, Dr. George John understands the pain and frustration that players pick up on while being sidelined by injury. He knows how much they crave to get back on the field within a short period of time, and the feeling motivates him to give that extra care and support required for injured players. The innovative ways that he follows have already helped many star athletes to get back on the field within a short time span.

Besides sports, Dr. John has also been associated with various events like the Fashion Week. He was also on consultation duty when Tom Cruise shot his Mission Impossible franchise in Dubai and hung from the side of Burj Khalifa. Be it a professional athlete or a film star or even a working mother with an active lifestyle, every individual is a champion in the eyes of Dr. George John. He believes in understanding to the practice of Orthopaedic Medicine every day with his patients, no matter what profession they follow.

As a sports surgeon, Dr. George John was instrumental in helping several sportspersons to create history. The stories of Wales National Rugby Team and marathon runner Nick Peters stand a testimony for that.

From Rank Outsiders To Champions

It was at the time of 2009 Dubai Rugby World Cup Sevens when the team from Wales, who were already rank outsiders, suffered a serious blow. Their star player, also the captain of the team, was injured and needed a surgery bang in the middle of the tournament. Dr. George John took up the case and put all his skills to perform the surgery. Within 3 days, the player went on to the pitch and helped his country win their first ever world cup. The team members carried Dr. George John on their shoulders for a victory lap around the stadium. Thus, they showed their appreciation towards their favourite doctor who performed a miracle for them. Dr. George John still considersthis incident as the one he cherishes the most in his entire career.

Help Changing Lives

Nick Peters- a British expatriate in the UAE had been training for a year to take part in a gruelling 250 km ultra marathon in the Moroccan desert. His intention was to participate in the Marathon de Sables to raise money for Kids Company; a charity organization for abused and disadvantaged children, in memory of his close friend. Unfortunately, he tore his knee cartilage just month before the race. And when it seemed impossible for him to participate in the race scheduled from April 3rd to 9th, 2011 Dr. George John came to the rescue. He, being an expert at minimal invasive surgery, performed the surgery on March 8th and with the help of a rehabilitation program under his supervision Mr. Peters completed the marathon by braving his injury. It enabled him to raise money for the charity. The runner then said that he was running with the knowledge that he can change a life and thanked the doctor to help him to do so.

The Movie Man

When it comes to film and entertainment sector, Dr. George John is as passionate as he is perfectionist about his craft. Though he thoroughly enjoys his practice as a renowned doctor; he is keen on the business aspect of entertainment media too. Being a consultant for several sports and entertainment events, he got the privilege of meeting many sports, entertainment and media celebrities across the world.

One such association in the entertainment sector was with Tom Cruise, when Dr. George John was selected the consultant for the hero of the movie 'Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol', who did a daring stunt on top of the Burj Khalifa. This rendezvous with the glam industry diversified his interest in the field of entertainment.

GJ Entertainment, the doctor's s new venture is all about film, events and entertainment. This globally established production house has been organizing local and national level fashion events since the inception, including major fashion shows in Dubai and Philippines. At present, the company is engaged in the production of the most anticipated movie of the decade "Kamasutra 3D".

'Kamasutra 3D' is the first production venture of GJ Entertainment in which Dr. George is associated as the executive producer. Sohan Roy, his childhood friend, is the project designer and co-producer of the movie. Kamasutra 3D is based on the journey of a princess in search of her lover. The film weaves the transformative changes in body, mind and soul by the forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality. The movie, directed by Rupesh Paul, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2014. GJ Entertainment is associated with NRIPA (Non - Resident Indian Producer Association) for providing 'Kamasutra 3D' a platform to 'Go Global'.

This movie is a trilogy of the same name in different versions - Kamasutra 3D, Kamasutra 4D, Kamasutra 5D. 4D and 5D will be released after the launch of Kamasutra 3D.

Dr. George John firmly believes that Sports and entertainment are those two fields that are least affected by the happenings across the world. Both are synonyms of each other. For him, Sports is Entertainment and Entertainment is Sports. While Sports improves the performance of people, entertainment makes them happy and lively.

Ventures and Innovations

Every venture that Dr. George John embarks upon epitomizes his penchant for perfection.

Eccentric Exercise Bike

Dr. George John works closely with leading exponents of sports medicine from across the reduce stress on joints during exercise. The method involves the strengthening of the muscle by means of progressive loading while the muscle is lengthening.

SportsFit Health Club

SportsFit Health Club is a state-of-the-art centre for treatment and rehabilitation. It will provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, orthopaedic surgery and specialist world and constantly updates himself with the latest breakthroughs in treatment and rehabilitation. In close association with Dr. Willem van der Merwe, President of South African Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (seen on the adjacent page), Dr. John helped pioneer a new kind of training bike from Grucox, called the Eccentric Exercise Bike.

Based on eccentric training, the bike is designed to sports medicine. SporstFit, set up to deliver the highest standard of procedures, has now become a sought after destination for the top sportspersons across the globe.

Since taking over as Managing Partner at International Modern Hospital, Dr. George John has begun putting a team of the finest doctors across multiple disciplines. A relentless perfectionist, Dr. John, aims to make IMH one of the premier healthcare service providers in the region.

Dr. George John is all set to build the world's biggest sports medicine center in Kenya, set in 250 acres of land. By starting the centre in Kenya, he aims at focusing on the sportspersons based in Africa and Europe. An equally ambitious project is ready to rise in the Philippines with the support of renowned tennis coach Dustin de Torres and a group of foreign and local partners. This world class international and sports and rehab center is expected to become the hub of Asia. Also, Dr. George John's company GJ Sports FZ LLC, will be launching a cricket/football/rugby league in Africa. This dream project will cost around US$100 million and is aimed to promote sports in the continent.

GJ Entertainment

Dr. George John's new venture is all about film, events and entertainment. This globally established production house has been organizing local and national level fashion events since the inception, including major fashion shows in Dubai and Philippines. At present, the company is engaged in the production of the most anticipated movie of the decade "Kamasutra 3D"








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