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‘Doctor Who’ in Hollywood???

Doctor Who, Doctor Who Movie, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFM, All Lights MagazineWith speculation of  David Yates, who directed several of the Harry Potter films, possibly bringing Doctor Who to the big screen and transforming a British cult science fiction show into a Hollywood Blockbuster, it raises the question of just how Americanized would it be and how much of the iconic ‘britishness’ would be taken away? This American style re-imagining has been attempted before, however on a much smaller scale. Practically unknown outside of the Doctor Who fan-world was the 1996 television-film simply titled ‘Doctor Who: The Movie’, the BBC had teamed up with American studio FOX to make a poorly marketed reboot. The film featured an all-american cast except for Paul McGann, who starred as the time-traveling Doctor. It was intended for an American audience but received disappointing ratings Stateside. If they attempted this again, but this time with a film meant for cinema release, would history repeat itself and if American writers and production companies were involved would they keep that British sensibility?


An Untold Saga of ‘An Unknown Guest’

An Unknown Gust, Darba Sahay, All Lights Film Magazine


An Unknown Guest’ is a short film, directed by Darba Sahay which has got official selection to the Short Film Corner 2012 of 65th Festival De Cannes. The film is produced by GNS motion pictures and the lead role is handled by the renowned Bengali actress Madhavi Mukharjee.

Two line short of the story:

When a mysterious woman arrives at their mother’s funeral, the siblings try to make sense of who she is and why she is there. They soon realize a painful truth behind her reasons for attending the service.

Summary – An Unknown Guest

In her mother’s funeral luncheon, a woman notices an unknown old lady. The two distinguishable qualities about this old lady were that she was really old and that she was carrying a huge bag. The woman could not identify her as one of her mother’s friends or even an invitee from the invitation list. She dug deeper into this mystery and asked her siblings if they knew her. They were all puzzled and had their own take on the situation. Unable to resist her curiosity, partly because she was hoping to find some connection between the lady and her departed mother, the woman approached the lady. She asked her whether she knew her mother. The old woman was forthcoming and replied that she visited her mother during her time of illness, when no one was present in the house. The woman was not convinced, but she felt that helping an old woman at her mother’s funeral was the right thing to do.


Role of MPC in Making of the Film ‘Dark Shadows’

Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton and Starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green and Chloe Moretz, is a gothic horror comedy film based on the 1966–1971 gothic horror soap opera. The film stands out with an unconventional storyline and extraordinary excellence in visual effects. The focus of the film is on two sequences set in and around a 200 foot high sea-side cliff referred to as Widow’s Hill. The large establishing shots of Liverpool with which the film opens up and the sequence which depicts the transformation of Angelique into a cracking ‘porcelain doll’ are the major highlights of the film. Here goes how the Visual effects team of MPC - The Moving Picture Company created a visual fiesta with their astonishing special effects.


Film Matter

The teaser of James Cameroon’s ‘Avatar (2009)’ was the most watched online in the history of films which further led to a viewership of 4 millions views on apple trailers alone. The gross was estimated to be $ 760,505,847 in USA alone; for sure we can expect a sequel.

Christopher Nolan spared $100 Million USD for the viral marketing of his block buster ‘Inception (2010)’. Now that's a lot!!! But his ‘Dark Knight (2008)’ brought in higher gross revenue than the later.




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