‘Pinochet Boys’ Recollects the Chilean History of Violence

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Pinochet Boys’ the Spanish film directed by Claudio Del Valle recollects the left outs of Chilean history of violence during 80’s. There were more than 500 Chileans who decided, during democracy, to choose the use of violence after the 1989 election. Most of them young people belong to subversive organizations, who were the main actors of the leftovers of the so called political violence that was installed at the beginning of the 70ties. ‘Pinochet Boys’ discusses this topic by taking a neutral stand.

During the eighties, Tito Serrano, a 17 year old, is at a crossroad; should he finish high school and move on to college with the rest of his classmates or confront his past and fight against the dictatorship. Motivated by Cecilia an -attractive and complex girl, who he is secretly in love with- and the ghost of his father, a political prisoner who disappeared in 1973, Tito Serrano goes from adolescence to the responsibility of taking justice in his hand. While his friends, Franco, Luis and Gabriel experience the craziness of adolescence.

Tito debates between partying and the obligations that his new role implies. What’s more important? Going to the party where he knows he’ll see the girl he likes? Or going to a meeting where high school students plan on how to take over a public school. Innocence mixed with compromise, will crossed by desire, fear associated with the pleasure of adrenalin rushes, the motivations behind violent killings, loving him and others, are the contradictions of Tito and his friends. At the end, Tito and his antagonist, Ricardo, an intelligence police agent that played with him when he was a kid, end up confronting each other in a terrifying game…the kind of a game that nobody wins.

The screenplay for the film is written by Ignacio Iriarte. The film features Mario Horton, Begona Basauri, Ivaroscobar, Patritia Rivadeneira and Santiago Tupper in lead roles. The director Claudio has been involved in all the stages of film production during his 20 year Audio-Visual career. Claudio’s debut in direction “amigos” was awarded a “Paoa” In Viña Del Mar film festival. In Chile, 2001, he wins a CORFO grant for the project development of “Pinochet boys”, as a debuting director. In 2002 he directed “Bread & Puppets” a documentary that is shown in the human rights festival in Vermont..