‘Ghetta Life’ in Home Video

Ghetta Life, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFM
’s highest grossing box office hit which enjoyed 26 screen UK theatrical release ‘Ghetta Life’ will be released on DVD and home video in North America this year. ‘Ghetta Life’ is produced by former world heavy weight boxing champion Lennox Lewis.

The film tells the story of Derrick, a ghetto teenager who dreams of being an olympic boxing champion, but the only gym capable of training him is situated in a rival part of town and his attempts to cross enemy lines soon descends into a spiral of violence.

‘Getta Life’ is the second feature from Jamaican director Chris Browne (Third World Cop). The screenplay received ‘The Hartley Merril Award’ at Cannes Film Festival in 2006 before going into production in 2010. Since completion in 2011 the film has won Best Film at Aruba International Film Festival, Best International Film at San Francisco Black Film Festival and Best Caribbean Film at Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.