‘Dendrologium’ the Search for Eternal Sweet Fruit

Dendrologium, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFM
Dendrologium’ a German - Polish co-production directed by Amin Azam and Rafael Stemplewski is a modern, epic film tale which takes place in a fictitious world reminiscent of the beginning of industrial revolution. The film is also a parable with a universal message drawing on the traditions of various cultures concerning the myth of eternal fruit growing in a secret garden.

The story of the film is told in a parabolic way, so it often uses metaphors and allegories, which true meaning is conveyed between the lines. The viewer follows the main character called ‘The Seeker’ on his journey around the world trying to discover the myth about the secret of the Sweet Fruit. The characters he meets on the way mirror certain attitudes, beliefs and features of human personality and The Seeker himself is the embodiment of man’s struggle with destiny and his journey through life in search of universal happiness. 

The apparently simple plot uncovers, step by step, unique microcosms where the viewer faces the existential questions which everyone has to ask themselves, sooner or later in his own life. Besides clever dialogues, deep metaphors the film is also a mysterious and thrilling film spectacle for all ages with a truly breathtaking soundtrack. The Seeker follows the voice of destiny and leaves behind his old life in order to solve the riddle of the myth of the Sweet Fruit. After meeting a strange Forester who hands him a rare Sweet Fruit, The Seeker decides to scrutinize it’s mystery. These inquiries lead him to meeting wise men from all around the world who advise him to become a king and grow a royal garden. Doing so would guarantee unlimited supplies of the Sweet Fruit. The Seeker craves for power and the crown. He sets o" to travel to the farthest edge of the world, into the Fire Mountains where the legendary Blacksmith is supposed to live. He wishes to task the Blacksmith with the forging of the sharpest sword in the world which The Seeker needs in order to fulfill his mission. However, the stay in the Fire Mountains takes an unexpected turn. A prophecy reveals to the Seeker that dark forces are threatening his life and have already sent a shadow rider to put an end to The Seeker’s quest. He evades the rider by the skin of his teeth and comes to realize that there is no escape from dark forces.

Dendrologium is a film directed to people of all cultures, as it uses language that links mythologies from most of the world regions. On the set a truly international crew gathered: directors from Poland and Germany – Rafael Stemplewski and Amin Azam – together with a Russian flmographer Sergei Yurizditsky, who had previously worked with Russian director Alexander Sokurov. The music for the film is composed by Norbert Sztuk.