‘Out in the Street Films’ Announces New Project

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Out in the Street Films’ announced their new project currently in development titled as ‘Credit Risk’. Out in the Street Films will produce and distribute the film on DVD. The budget is currently set at $1.5 million. Principle photography is scheduled for summer 2013. The film script is completed and producers are finalizing primary cast and locations to optimize funding alternatives.

The story line of the film revolves around the life of a rape victim, a young actor outside a backstreet nightclub. Hollywood detectives are on the trail of a serial rapist, Willard, his latest rape victim, a young actor outside a backstreet nightclub. Meanwhile, the attempted rape was witnessed by two friends, Gina and Jack, as they exited the club and scared off the rapist, but not before he got a good look at Jack. Jack turns out to be a family man with two young sons and a neurotic wife, Wendy, worried he will lose his job at the bank, due to his acting habit. He ran into Gina, an ex-porn star, at the bar and they hit off an old friendship. Wendy’s sister happens to be a detective also on the case of the rapist. When the victim comes up with an artist sketch of the suspect that looks like Jack, she becomes concerned about Jacks late night adventures, and so do two detectives, Hanson and Nichols, who believe she is covering for Jack. They tail Jack, but instead become more interested in surveillance of Gina who they recognize as porn star, Maiko Passion. Willard to tails Jack, concerned he could identify him, and also recognizes Gina and becomes more interested in her.

Jacks acting forays, fueled by his time with Gina, get him fired and Wendy’s worst fears come to be. They are thrown into financial straits and Jack’s only recourse is to take small time acting jobs that pay nothing. Wendy throws him out and he is then homeless.

Willard makes his move on Gina and kidnaps her. The cops get wind of it and come after Jack. But Jack has a line on Willard and helps them find him with Gina, cornered in a back alley. Jack pleads with the cops to go after Willard. Gina has no choice but to defend herself and turn the tables on Willard, using some combat training she got in one of her films.
She takes Willard down. Hanson and Nichols, more interested in getting Gina’s moves on tape, are focused on filming her instead of helping. Wendy’s sister Stacy and her FBI husband Kurt get wind of the Willard case in progress and show up on the scene with Wendy, also concerned about Jack. Wendy has it out with Gina as Stacy is about to arrest her for taking down Willard. But Gina breaks free.