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Presence of Experiments is Necessary in Cinema

JIFF, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFM


Director Gautam Ghosh’s national award winning Bengali movie MONER MANUSH was screened in Chandramahal JIFF. This film had also got Nagris Dutt award for spreading the message of national integrity and unity. Pali Dam and Prasanaajeet have played the lead role in it. After the screening of the movie director Gautan Ghosh discussed about the present streak in Bengali cinema in face to face program. The Director says it also gives joy and satisfaction.

Last year this film was screened firstly at Goa International film festival. It had also won a golden peacock in that festival. Also it had got good response at box and the movie was praised in India as well as Bangladesh. This film was based on the life of Lallan Fakir, a Bangladeshi poet. MONER MANUSH talks about love, brotherhood and composite culture and today the level of our sensitivity has decreased and we lack political, social, communal, familial and emotional tolerance. This film underlines the same matter.

Although Indian cinema is touching greater heights and it had also become multilingual, but on the other side it has been losing the touch of Indians. Also the regional touch in regional film s has decreased significantly which is really rueful. Hindi films where you will not find the world of Hindi belt anywhere is an instance. The world which is presented is far from reality. These same things stand with regional cinema too. But the films before these were related to that particular region much strongly. Experimentation in cinema is necessary but in Indian Cinema they are not quiet happening. Even movies from Iran, Thailand, and Korea are ahead of us in experimenting in cinema.

The Hollywood film THE WIND CANNOT READ (1958) is the first Hollywood film to be shot in Rajasthan. This film was based on the Burma war of 1942 in which Jasdes singh, a commentator from Jaipur had played a role in movie. The second movie to be screened at Chandramahal is also one of the important movies of Bengali cinema. This film were directed by Anjrudh Roy Choudhary and it has got 4 awards including best movie award. Sharmils Tagore, Rahul Bose, Meeta Vashishtha and talented Marathi actress Radhika Apte have played lead roles. Bollywood classic ‘DAAG’will be screened. This film was directed in 1973 by Yash Chopra and Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore were in the lead roles. Ila Arun, Australian director Andrew Vile, Srilankan actress Neeta Fernando put their views on “Relevance of acting in cinema” at Chamber Bhavan.

Jiff, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFMIn JIFFs film market R.K.Sharma, Kamal Mukut & B.B.Nagpal put their views on availability of shooting spots in ‘Rajasthan'. 'Kaagaz ke phool’ (Maharani College), ’Jalpari’(Space), ’Istambul’(Pearl academy), ’Turkish film kane’(GTC), Srilankan Sanjay Nirmal’s ‘Swara’, Iraninan film ‘Burning Nest’, Spanish movies ‘The Pearl Of George’ and Manish Vatsalya’s ‘Jeena Hai To Thok Daal’(Tivoli ) and Rajasthani Film ‘Choondre Odhasi Mharo Beer’(Golcha) are main attraction. At the Golcha trade center, Film actor Prem Chopda reached to see the Irani film ‘Hatered’. Anand Patwardwan, Sunny Shah and Seema Khan will join the fest tomorrow. Sunny Shah who came in headlines last year from the movie ‘Le Gaya Saddam’ and Seema Khan actress from movie 'Thor' are coming from Mumbai to attend JIFF. Seena Khan is in the lead role in Sunny Shah’s next. India’s king of documentary Anand Patwardhan will join JIFF tomorrow. His ‘film Jai Bhim Comrade’ will be screened in Chandamahal in that evening. This film is based on an incident happened in slum area of Mumbai in 1997, where a statue of  Dr.B.R Ambedkar was descreted with footwear’s.



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