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Friends With Kids



The story revolves around two best friends, who decides to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic, so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic relationships.

Release Date : September 9, 2011 (Tiff)
Director : Jennifer Westfeldt

Cast: Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O'Dowd, Megan Fox, Edward Burns

Distribution : Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions
Genre : Comedy 
Languages: English

Saint Dracula 3D



 Longing for vengeance, he waited in hunger and thirst for his long lost admirer. The night hid him in the dark, the earth and the woods were his haven. He is a fallen angel, a catastrophic lover, the trodden Prince of Wallachia, but a vampire in revenge. His partisans await his reprise with a celebration. He turns lucky in love, if not for ever. Beautiful nights of love and lust entangle him with his lost love-Clara, a passionate young nun but still a mortal. The peaches and perfection takes a turn the day Clara gets spellbound by the Catholic Church. The Vatican plots the trap but will the plan thrive? Or will it be love?


Release Date : 29 March 2013
Director : Rupesh Paul
Producer : BizTV Network

Cast: Mitch POWELL, Patricia DUARTE, Daniel SHAYLER, Suzanne ROCHE, Bill HUTCHENS, Michael CHRISTOPHER

Distribution : Warner Bros. & Eros
Genre : Romance |  Thriller| Horror
Languages: English

Bourne Legacy


Bourne series, the fourth installment will be directed by the Tony Gilroy, who was the screenwriter for the early franchise. The movie has estranged assassin Bourne played by Jeremy Renner in the lead with Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz co-starring with Joan Allen and Albert Finney reprising their roles from the previous films..


Release Date : August 3, 2012 
Director : Tony Gilroy

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Joan Allen, Albert Finney

Distribution : Universal Pictures
Genre : Action | Spy
Languages: English

Total Recall



Douglas Quaid on a mind-trip, perfect vacation from his frustrating life - real memories of life as a super-spy might be just what he needs. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man as he finds himself on the run from the police. 

Release Date : August 3, 2012
Director : Len Wiseman

Cast: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston

Distribution : Columbia Pictures
Genre : Action | Science | Fiction 
Languages: English





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