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Pinky-Ek Sathyakatha: A daring attempt to unleash the bitter truth

In a quest to unleash the mystery, Sudhin Thakur, the dashing young director crafted 'Pinky: Ek Sathyakatha', and this gradually becoming the hottest talking topic in the Indian Film Industry. The movie tries to portray the unholy nexus and hand in glove relation between Indian politics and sports, and the illicit use of Testosterone doses among women athletes is being portrayed in a raw manner in the film. The movie is inspired from the real life incidents of Pinki Pramanik, an young Indian athlete who is allegedly accused of gender forgery. In a talk with All Lights Film Magazine, Sudhin revealed the details about the things which paved him the way to make this movie.

'Pinky: Ek Sathyakatha', the title of the movie is quite appealing, and it is literally compelling the audience to see the movie to unshackle the truth. Would you mind giving a brief outlook about your movie? 

I along with some of my friends were discussing the real life incident of Pinki Pramanik. We were literally shocked to hear a news where a female athlete was charged for being a male and raping a live-in partner. This mysterious case compelled us to dig the truth behind the story. Only one question stared us in the face at this juncture, 'Could an athlete, who had won an international gold in a female event, have a male sexual organ capable of rape?'. Were the tests conducted in high profile international events so unprofessional and mean that an actual male with fully functional male genitals could pretend to be a woman and compete and win at the event? We realized that this was not the case. In fact Pinky Pramanik’s was a very complex case. It was here that we decided to make a film. And the funding fell into place.
Is it the boldness to portray a sensitive subject makes you stand apart from other filmmakers?

It is not our boldness, but the sympathy towards the victim made us select this subject. In fact I could relate to the mental trauma which Pinky went through. It is more like seeing an incident where some very powerful people had ganged up to humiliate a sportsperson. A common citizen can do nothing. But being a filmmaker, I could take the story out to the world, and ensure that such incidents are not repeated again. Inherently there are gray shades to every person or story. And when these gray shades are portrayed on screen insensitively the character and story loses sympathy of the viewers. We limited ourselves to incidents in Pinky’s life which had a bearing on the case. And we took the entire system which was hounding her down and embodied it into one single villainous character.
As the case is in the courts we decided not to touch Pinky directly and moreover, we did not want the film to be a sanctioned and sanitized autobiography. We met and took inputs from some of her co-athletes, officials and news-persons who had some idea regarding the incident. Then taking the essence of reality we fictionalized the incident to bring out the makers conclusion regarding the incident. 

Dealing with sensitive subjects will be closely associated with lots of hardships. Did you face any kind of obstacles while shooting this movie?

Obviously Yes, the whole team faced lots of hardships, and we tried our level best to make this movie a reality. My movie tries to showcase the nasty yet mighty politico-bureaucratic system. And that means obstacles are bound to crop up. Permissions were hard to come by. Sports persons and coaches who told us stories and incidents off record were not ready to come on screen or offer any support which would antagonize the system. Permissions for shooting locations were canceled at the last moment and we had to find alternative locations at moment’s notice. We got threats from many corners, and there were even attempts to stop the shooting at various levels. The movie which was made itself is an achievement.

Could you please tell some details about your future projects for the readers of All Lights Film Magazine?
At the moment I am focusing on a film based on a rural politico-gangster scenario, it takes its inspiration from a real incident of the 1990’s. The story focuses on a lawless rural system where justice can be achieved only by lifting a gun. 


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