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Ocean, an indispensable part of the Earth's life-support system, always brings about a surprise for the man.  Be it weather, waves or the wildlife, ocean always poses challenges to the one who tries to explore it. Humanly efforts to tame the sea never saw triumph, yet many of the earthlings successfully mastered the challenges presented by it. And there were some creative brains that have successfully blended ocean’s mesmerizing beauty with their fictional world. For the one who portrayed a great story on the background of seascape and the depths, success never came as a surprise. 

It is estimated that more than 500 movies were made in the sea and many of those narrated success stories.  Of those, there were several notable movies already set a bench mark for the industry; Jaws (1975), Titanic (1997) and The Abyssis (1989) to name a few.  But unfortunately the last decade witnessed the death of good movies shot in the sea. However, the editorial team of All Lights Film Magazine hopes that this year will bring a positive change to the global cinema industry. A grand epic is being shot in the sea and it is all set to break the 3D movie viewing experience. Kamasutra 3D, a perfect blend of music, epic and erotica is now considered as the most anticipated movie of the year. 

The storyline of Kamasutra 3D features a beautiful princess whose father, bewitched by the game of chess, ruins everything that he possessed. The strong-willed princess masters chess to restore all the lost wealth and in order to achieve that, she challenges every prince who come to marry her. That way she restores the lost wealth by taking hefty fine from the losers. Things changes when the 99th prince comes and they fall in love with each other. Surprisingly, he loses the game intentionally and flees from there. This distracts her concentration and she loses to the 100th king, a cruel elderly who marries her. The couple leaves the island in two ships, and on her way to her husband’s kingdom she meets her lover while she is trying to master the art of Kamasutra.  Eventually that ignites her sexual desire and lust for love. And that wages war in the ship.

 As per the movie director Rupesh Paul, 3D is the best format to portray classic erotica, but it was hardly experimented till recent times. He firmly believes that the 3D effect in the film will give an extra dimension to the sexual positions described in the ancient treatise on the art of love, by enhancing the illusion of depth perception. Derived from stereoscopic photography, the 3D images in the film will enhance the viewing of Kamasutra 3D.

With the release of the trailer, Kamasutra 3D critically came out to be more of a Hollywood war based epic movie than a classic erotica, it hyped to be with the sensuous Sherlyn Chopra, initially. Director Rupesh Paul, however, confirmed that though the trailer portrays a mismated story now, he would not disappoint his viewers expecting the movie to be a classic erotica.

Speaking on the Oscar entry, he stated, ''Probably now we have an answer for all of them who claimed the movie to be soft porn. Hopefully, they know that soft porns are not eligible for the Academy Award nominations''. He also claimed that he would like to genre his movie as musical as epic or erotica as he assures that Kamasutra 3D is influenced with its melody over the drama.

At the 86th Academy Awards Kamasutra 3D made proud entry with selection in the three categories - Best Motion Picture, Original Score and Original Song with 5 songs. Little wonder that this year, Kamasutra 3D was the only movie with 5 songs after ‘The Great Gatsby’ to be selected in the Original song category. The songs include - 'Aygiri Nandini', 'Saawariya', 'I Felt, Of Soil' and 'Har Har Mahadeva' - composed by Chennai based music directors, Sachin & Sreejith while its lyrics are penned by Rupesh Paul and Pratyush Prakash. Also, Kamasutra was the only movie from India that contended in the music category lists.
Years back, Rupesh Paul had conceived the idea of making the movie, but he put that on hold for some good reasons. He wanted to dedicate the film to Indian movie industry and wished to release the movie by paying tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema. With his abundant knowledge on the film market, he chosen the subject of sexuality aesthetically and treated sex off its vulgarity.
RPPL, the production house of the Kamasutra 3D plans to release the film in three different versions. The uncut film will be shown in the Video On Demand Market and another version is made for the family viewing; especially for the audience in India and South Asia. There is a theatrical version too and director justifies the reasons for releasing three different versions.  "Our people have double standards. If an Indian film like ‘Nasha’ was banned on the grounds of having a provocative title, our film will definitely be banned in its hard version. In the tourism campaign ‘Incredible India’, India is promoted as a land of Kamasutra, but I vividly remember the fight Meera Nair had to put up to release her film in India." He adds “the movie will cross all the false barriers set in our Indian tradition, regarding our value and moral systems”. He says Indian morality has to lose its prudish psyche resulted from decades of Colonialism. Ever since the makers revealed the first look with Sherlyn Chopra posing nude, the movie has been in the news.

According to the director, the Oscar contention was only made possible by the overwhelming support of Sohan Roy, the Project Designer and Co-producer of the movie. Sohan Roy was the one behind devising the technical specifications for the selection of the film that has been shot entirely in the ocean. Being a Naval Architect and Ship Designer himself has helped Sohan Roy to manage the project in an efficient and holistic manner. Sohan Roy himself is a Hollywood Director having directed the movie DAM999 in the year 2011. The movie DAM999 was also in contention for Oscar Awards. He is considered as the Oscar Guru in Indian Cinemas as his novel venture is All Lights Film Services – Oscar Consultancy helps film makers 'Go Global' and embarking them towards their dream journey. 


Sherlyn Chopra, the sexy siren of Indian movie industry, plays the lead character of the princess, in this much anticipated movie of the year. Other actors on screen include Milind Gunaji, Nasser, Makarand Deshpande, Maleena Khan, Salim Kumar, Sushmita Mukherjee, Gajendra Chauhan, Mohan Kapoor, Amit Bahl etc. King Malkhan will debut in the film as the male lead portraying the character of a Prince and a ‘Naga Sanyasi’.

It is expected that the movie, which is shot entirely in the sea, will hit theatres worldwide by the end of the year. The movie is produced by Dr. George John (GJ Entertainments) under the banner of Rupesh Paul Productions Ltd. (RPPL). It is made under the close supervision of Non Resident Indian Producers Association, an association formed by a group of potential Non Resident Indians (NRIs) with experience and passion in film production. 


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