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Leonardo DiCaprio – The Veritable Fashion Icon

From a doomed suitor, Jack Dawson in Titanic to Woodrow of the White House in The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio has portrayed a myriad of diverse roles in his showbiz career. His good looks, edgy and unconventional roles made him a generation's definition of a heartthrob. While most actors dream to become a Hollywood Icon, DiCaprio is one among those who distance themselves from their Megastar image to keep it real. 


To the Ravishing Cannes

Cannes International Film Festival (Festival de Cannes), the most prestigious and publicized film festivals in the world is hurling up for its 66th edition at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès from 15th to 26th May 2013.

Cannes event claims to change every year: be it the posters, films, juries, prizes, guaranteeing shelter to endangered artists. As a part of this revolutionary change, this edition of Cannes has invited press cartoonists to exhibit their satirical, sharp and talented drawings on the theme of cinema. A multitude of past Palme d’Or winners and a strong Asian presence mark this year’s Official Selection for the 66th annual Festival de Cannes.


Art Imitates Life: A Journey of a Life on Film

D'ORA is a haunting, yet sweet, film chronicling a young woman's migration from oppression in Romania to democracy in the United Kingdom.It provides many lessons about the cut-throat reality and severe choices that individuals, particularly foreign migrants, are faced with at the crossroads of freedom and opportunity. Delia Antal bravely presents a fresh and gritty perspective on a very current social issue, making D'ORA an important contribution to modern European cinema.


The Splendid Scarlett Bruns

Hollywood is a land of fame, money and paparazzi and through time it has witnessed the rise of some extraordinarily talented artists into 'Stars of today'. This is one industry which with open arms has accepted artists from all walks of life to be a part of it just on basis of pure talent. On such a trail, we encountered an actress who is a gem in her profession. At age of 23, she has produced 5 non-profit films and runs Bruns Family Productions, and says she's one of a new breed of filmmakers who is utilizing the Internet and social media to build momentum and get her projects to the public and into theatres. She has achieved what she aspired but her journey to contribute more to her society still continues. She is a talented German-Canadian actress / model and also an entrepreneur. With a charming persona, a warm and welcoming smile and a calm demeanor, All Lights just could not help but be inspired and impressed with the Star in the Spotlight - Scarlett Bruns, up close and personal in this edition of Filmosphere.


A Messiah Called Dracula

In the history of living horror, one name stands out as the archetype of evil… DRACULA!!! 

The thought of Dracula has haunted millions of human minds all over the world ever since Bramstocker created that immortal character in 1931. No character of fiction has ever had such a huge impact over such a long period.



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