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Michael Alig to be released from Jail on May 5th

Michael Alig notorious as 'The Party Monster' will be released from jail on May 05th. The 47 year old club kids co founder was charged for the murder and dismemberment of drug dealer Andre "Angel" Melendez on March 17,1996. Alig spent a long seventeen years in the New York prison. He was eligible for parole since 2007, but was denied till now.

In 2003, Macaulay Culkin played Alig in a film titled as 'Party Monster', and the movie portrayed the the story of Alig's spiral into drug addiction, which ended in Melendez's murder following an argument over a drug debt. The film also marked the first adult role of Macauly Culkin.

“There is no chance that he will return to clubs as a way of life, but he will paint and write, and as always, try to impact the way we think. I believe he has been rehabilitated”, says Lewis, an old friend of Alig.