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Le Marché du Film - A Sneak Preview of the Busiest Film Market in the World

Year after year, the business analogue of one of the biggest and largest film markets around the world, Le Marché du Film, connects filmmakers to their perspective buyers and encouraged professionals to find unique opportunities to meet, build future projects and do business with the partners from different countries. Dedicated to the future of cinema, this year Marché du Film alongside the 69th Festival dé Cannes is scheduled from May 11 to 22, 2016. The Marché continues with its founding purpose of drawing attention to and raising the profile of films. Its aim is to contribute to the development of cinema and boost the film industry worldwide.

The Marché du Film is a meeting point of more than 10,000 professionals, including 3200 producers, 2300 distributor's rooms, 1500 sellers and 790 festival organizers. Last year's festivalwrapped up on a high note. The event witnessed enthusiastic response to new innovations, increase in the number of territories in attendance, special pavilions dedicated to the future of cinema and much more. With a registered participation of 11,554 delegates including 1834 buyers for a total of 5055 companies, the 2015 edition saw an increase in participants), South Africa (146 participants) and South Korea (303 participants) respectively. The NEXT pavilion along with Marché Mixer cocktails, two new initiatives of the film market were also enthusiastically received by the delegates. The Village International welcomed several new countries including Albania, Finland, Iran and were market premiers, reaching a total of 1447 screenings.

This years Marché du Film will feature the following segments:

PRODUCERS WORKSHOP :  a targeted program led by industry experts and designed to help producers achieve their goals within the countries represented with a stable participation. A record number of 120 countries are represented at the festival with 7 countries making the appearance for the very first time, including Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Paraguay and Uganda. A 25%, 23% and 16% increase was seen in the number of attendees from India (148  Japan. 644 companies were represented throughout 410 booths out of which 80% of them were situated in the Palais, the Riviera and the Village International. Cannes Film festival 2015 presented around 3350 films including 2335 completed titles, 560 documentaries and 81 films in 3D. From these titles, 960 films had screenings, 78% of which the international film market. Specifically designed for producers this segment provides delegate's an opportunity to acquire the skills and tools to succeed in the internationalfilm market front. 

PRODUCERS NETWORK:an exclusive program designed specifically for providing networking opportunities for producers. This session hosts more than 500 producers from around the world to stimulate international co-production and optimized networking. Beginning May 12 and ending on the 18, seven spotlights will partner for this 13th edition, five of them will present high-profile producers fromSouth Africa (Kwazulu Natal Region), the Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and Poland; and for the first time, two Spotlights will focus on film projects, Film from Rio (Brazil) and Future Logic (Palestine).

Films from Rio is a program coorganized with the Marché du Film that aims to guide Brazilian projects in their international development. Various projects which will be presented by them would include: Roller Coaster (Montanha Russa) by Vinícius Reis, Other Times (Otros tempos) by Christiane Jatahy, The Trace (O Rastro) by João CAETANO FEYER, Rivermovie by Ricardo TARGINO, Southwest Wind (VentoSudoeste) by Angelo Defanti and The Serpent (A Serpente) by Jura Capela. Future Logic is a new platform for the development of Palestinian cinema. They shall be presenting movie projects which will include Ibrahim by Lina Al-Abed - Feature documentary, Ouroboros by Basma Alsharif - Experimental Video, Reservation Zed by Jamal Mahjoub - Narrative Feature, The Return by Mahdi Fleifel - Narrative Feature Film, You Reap What You Sow by Alaa Ashkar - Documentary Feature, MAFAK by Bassam JerbawiNarrative Feature Film and Ghost Hunting by Raed Andoni - Feature Documentary 

THE DOC CORNER: This all-inone professional working platform is designed for promoting theatrical documentary features, selling/pick-up exclusive new titles, developing projects, expanding networks and interacting with a wide range of documentary film professionals. It brings together the entire documentary film community for fifth year in a row. The Doc-corner session will have a new integrated 15-seat market screening room, and will inaugurate a two-year partnership with Ford Foundation's JustFilms Program to support advocacy filmmakers in raising global awareness on social justice issues and help these works to make a difference and challenge inequality. 

Through a series of initiatives of the renowned programs of the Marché du Film, such as the Doc Corner, the Producers Network, NEXT and a Documentary Mixer, it is expected that this new agreement will give a wider exposure to documentary cinema in Cannes and provide a vital platform to make the resulting body of work more visible to key players in the global film industry. 

NEXT: an acknowledgement of the new business models experimented by pioneers and new majors, it is an exclusive pavilion that brings together creative companies as well as a brand new conference  room to host exciting workshops and screenings, engage audience on multiple platforms and explore new business opportunities.

MIXERS: a  series of thematic cocktail meet and greet sessions to explore business opportunities with your peers. The 2016 program includes: Fantastic Fanatics Mixers - which will bring together the head honchos from the horror genres; Doc Lovers Mixer - which will bring together all documentary professionals and Festival & Sales Agents Mix and Match - which will gather festival programmers and sales agents to delve into new film festivals and opportunities.

GOES TO CANNES:  This section  will showcase a series of work in progress held in partnership with recognised international film festivals. For the fourth edition of this exclusive session six festivals, Annecy International Animation Festival, Frontières (Fantasia Film Festival), Los Cabos International Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine Panama, Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara and the Dubai International Film Festival, have partnered with the film market. It is for the first time that Annecy International and Frontières (Fantasia Film Festival) will take part in the program with respective selections in the Animation features and genre films. From exclusive booths to Pavilions (The International Village), the film market offers premier facilities to delegates to showcase their products and pitch in their work to the best in the industry.