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Michael B. Jordan talks about all about the heart approach while picking films

Michael B. Jordan / All Lights Film MagazineActor Michael B. Jordan on Saturday revealed how he chooses projects with a social message.

"Starting in front of the camera, from the actor's perspective, it's all about the heart. It's about wanting to create bodies of work and tell stories that will make people go home and think thoughts that will weigh heavily on their heart," a magazine quoted Jordan as saying.

Jordan made the statement while participating in a discussion on Content With A Conscience: Social Impact Entertainment Across All Platforms.

The other panellists who participated in the discussion included: Alana Mayo, president of production and development for Jordan's Outlier Society Productions; Bonnie Abaunza, founder of Abaunza Group; writer, producer, and director Scott Z. Burns; and Shivani Rawat, founder and CEO of ShivHans Pictures.

Echoing similar sentiments as Jordan, Mayo said, "I think there is a sense of personal responsibility to represent our experience because that is not something you have consistently seen in films and television," she said.

"It comes from a very organic and personal place but we try to be mindful, once we find the story that inspires us, of how that can impact people that are going to see it and how we can add positive things to the cultural conversation," she added.

Speaking of his experience of making the film 'Contagion' with Steven Soderbergh, Burns said, "For us, when we were making the movie, I wasn't really thinking about the measles. I was thinking about the audience and making what I thought would be a suspenseful, cool ride. I don't think anyone sits there going."