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Jacki Weaver joins 'Penguin Bloom' cast

Jacki Weaver / All Lights Film MagazineVeteran actor Jacki Weaver has boarded cast of the film 'Penguin Bloom'. Described as a family drama, the film is based on Bradley Trevor Greive and Cameron Bloom's book of the same name. Australian writer Shaun Grant is adapting it for the big screen.

The film follows a young family who is struggling to come to terms with a near-fatal accident that left their mother paralysed. As they learn to adjust to her new situation, an unlikely ally entered their lives in the form of an injured Magpie chick, dubbed 'Penguin' by the family. Naomi Watts is playing the lead in the film. Weaver will portray her mother.

Andrew Lincoln, 45, will essay the role of the husband. The movie will also star Rachel House as a kayak coach along with Gaye Hatfield, Leeanna Walsman and Lisa Hensley.

Watts, 50, will also produce the project along with Bruna Papandrea, Emma Cooper, Jodi Matterson and Steve Hutensky.