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Sharon Stone's day out in Madrid

Sharon Stone / All Lights Film MagazineActress Sharon Stone, 61, looked chic in a black leather jacket and matching trousers while enjoying a day out in Madrid.

The 'Basic Instinct' star donned a black leather jacket which she paired with a cream silk blouse. The Hollywood actress also wore black trousers with a be jewelled embellishment. A pair of black heels with a multi-coloured print added height.

She also sported round sunglasses and completed her look with a black handbag.

The film star looked in high spirits for the day where she was joined by Carolina Adriana Herrera, the daughter of fashion designer.

Sharon previously told that Hollywood, which has thrived for decades on featuring blonde beauties from Marilyn Monroe to Cameron Diaz, needs to expand its idea of what is beautiful.

"We see beauty in so may ways in nature we have to be willing to not fall to the commercialisation of beauty as only one thing," she said.

"I love the way, especially now in fashion, we are starting to see women of all kinds of beauty. We need to accept beauty in all of its forms."